Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Second Half

Welcome to my blog. With the daily -- nay, hourly -- assault of unsolicited online stimuli of which we are victims, I owe it to you, dear victim, to explain, succinctly, why the hell I am adding one more. And why you might care.

First, I have something to say that may elicit: a smile, a thought, a tear, a guffaw -- and any such reaction satisfies that most basic of selfish human needs to Connect. Why else would I join an overstuffed blogoshpere with my musings if not to share, give and receive? And for free, at that. To be heard is to be validated. Never has this opportunity been greater; hence, my entry.

Secondly, I know some things. And wonder about many more. By the second half of an ordinary life, one has things to say, and lots more to ask. Maybe, I will ask out loud some of the same things you query. Like, what is the anatomy of kindness; why does learning hurt; and, do dogs (or anyone) have a soul. Maybe you have an answer. We Connect.

Thirdly, I love words. Period.

So I will write about things I remember, see, feel, question, in as provocative a way as I can so that we might.... right: Connect. You have an open invitation. Perhaps after a while I (we) will find a recurring theme, but to start, I will just tell you, with words, what I think in this, the second half of my ordinary life.

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