Thursday, February 25, 2010

The World and Me

The cart with the beverages finally reached our row and the flight attendant piped, "Something to drink, sweetie?" My four-year-old daughter, Julie, looked up expectantly and replied, "Apple juice please." And she got apple juice. The cart moved on as Julie turned to me and said, "I guess they knew I was coming this time and got the juice." She was, of course, completely serious. A seasoned air traveler by that age, Julie had too often met disappointment on previous flights when they failed to produce her beverage of choice.

When was the last time we felt so sure that all the intricate, complex workings of the world revolved around only us? Ever?

I watched Julie happily sip her juice, satisfied that all was right with her small universe just then.

"You're right, honey," I said. "They must have known you were coming."

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